KTF releases Bluetooth phone

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KTF releases Bluetooth phone


KT Freetel Co., Korea`s second-largest mobile-phone carrier, released a Bluetooth-enabled phone yesterday that allows customers to use both fixed-line and wireless telephony services on the same device.

The LG-KF1000, developed by LG Electronics Inc., also provides video-on-demand and digital music capabilities.

"The `one-phone` services will benefit businessmen and others who stay in the office a lot and make a lot of land-to-land calls," said Kim Il-young from KTF`s marketing team. "For the average customers who use mobile services for 80 percent of their phone traffic, we think they could cut about 10 percent of their telephone charges by reduced mobile-to-mobile interconnection fees."

Kim said KTF will release another Bluetooth phone, supplied by Samsung Electronics Co., in April.

The new phone, priced at 583,000 won ($580), will allow KTF customers to send or receive calls through both fixed-line and mobile networks using Bluetooth technology. The inbound fixed-line calls will transit automatically to the mobile-phone when the user at home or the office. The fixed-line services will be provided by KT Corp., Korea`s largest fixed-line telephony carrier and KTF`s parent company.

Subscribers can access fixed-line networks over the mobile phone within 10 to 20 meters of an installed access point, or a transceiver connecting the wireless device to wired infrastructure.

This will allow customers to replace some of their mobile calls with cheaper fixed-line calls. To use the services, KTF customers must purchase an access point device sold by KT for 77,000 won.

KT, controlling about 94 percent of the local fixed-line traffic, was granted a license by the Ministry of Information and Communication last year to provide Bluetooth-based "one-phone" telephony services that connect fixed-line and mobile calls. Since starting services in July, KT sold around 40,000 Bluetooth handsets through February through KTF.


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