Korea Dominates Online Tokto War

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Korea Dominates Online Tokto War


On the strength of its state-of-the-art Internet infrastructure and its net-savvy populace, Korea overwhelms Japan in cyberspace in the recent dispute over the nation's eastern-most islets.

According to Whois, the international domain registration service provider, almost all Tokto-related Internet sites are have been acquired by Koreans.

In addition to Tokto domains like www.tokto.co.kr, most Web sites with titles, such as dokdo or tokdo, belong to Koreans, including dokdo.com, dokdo.net, tokdo.com and tokdo.net.

The Tokto islets are volcanic outcrops off the eastern tip of Ullung Island. It is sometimes called, "dokdo" or "tokdo" under different romanization standards.

Japan calls these islets "Takeshima," claiming sovereignty over them.

Tokto has emerged as a bone of contention between Seoul and Tokyo after Japan's Shimane Prefecture outlined a claim over the islets last week by designating Feb.22 as "Takeshima Day."

Internet-conscious Korean people were also fast in preempting takeshima-associated domains like takeshima.com, takeshima.net, and takeshima.org.

Still, Japan retains control over takeshima.co.jp, which is operated by a pharmaceutical company.

Observers point out that Korea's deep broadband Internet penetration and higher attention to the on-going Tokto dispute prompted many to obtain Web sites.

Up to 12 million of the country's 15 million households are hooked up to high-speed Internet and more than 70 percent of them go online periodically, according to the Ministry of Information and Communication.


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