Samsung develops new module for Bluetooth phones

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Samsung develops new module for Bluetooth phones


Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. said yesterday that it has developed a new Bluetooth module for mobile phones, which will provide for wireless transmission of information between electronic devices.

Production is planned for later this month.

The new module, designed for the Bluetooth version 1.2 is about 10 percent smaller than conventional devices but has similar processing capabilities.

Bluetooth refers to a short-range radio technology that is aimed at simplifying communications between electronic devices by using radio waves to move information back and forth. The technology is used in mobile-phones, personal computers and media devices in cars, among others.

A Bluetooth-enabled mobile-phone, for example, could enable the user to make voice calls just by using wireless headsets and ear pieces without having to pull the handset out of his pocket.

Industry watchers believe the market for built-in Bluetooth radios will grow to 577 million units in 2007, from 126 million units last year, with most of the growth coming from mobile-phones.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics expects Bluetooth modules to generate 50 billion won ($50 million) in revenue this year. The company expects to have about 21 percent of the global module market for hand-held devices by 2007.


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