Samsung Markets 3GB Phone

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Samsung Markets 3GB Phone


Samsung Electronics, the world's third-largest cell phone vendor, will market a new handset with a 3gigabyte (GB) hard disk drive, the largest phone storage capacity ever, this week in Korea.
The internal storage device of the up-to-date model, SPH-V7900, enables purchasers to carry a couple of high definition video clips or as many as 700 music files.

The high-end gizmo will also be equipped with a 2-megapixel built-in camera and 2X optical zoom, which does not compromise picture quality when zooming in on subjects.

Samsung president Lee Ki-tae, who is in charge of the firm's cell phone unit, said the SPH-V7900 will dictate the future trend of larger-sized embedded memory in handsets.

Up until now, the highest-storage handset available in the global market has been the 1.5GB phone, SPH-V5400 of Samsung, which hit the shelves last September.

``The expansion of the internal memory would consolidate the mobile phone's status as the mainstream gadget in the multimedia era. We are determined to lead the world's premium market with cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs,'' Lee said.

Samsung will retail the SPH-V7900 at around 750,000 won ($718) through KTF, the country's second-largest wireless operator.

The outfit has no plan to ship the models to other countries since there will be no demand for the top-of-the-line phones other than in Korea, which boasts ubiquitous tech-savvy people.

Samsung's cross-town rivals _ LG Electronics and Pantech Group _ also took the wraps off their latest phones.

LG, the world's fourth-largest handset producer, unveiled a prototype phone that can work under three modes _ two European formats and China's homegrown third-generation formula, time division synchronous code division multiple access (TD-SCDMA).

LG said the company once again confirmed its edge in developing TD-SCDMA technologies, the future standard of the world's biggest cell phone market.

Pantech Group also disclosed a model that takes care of people's health with far infrared rays, in tune with the current well-being fad.

Far infrared rays, a part of natural sunlight having the longest wavelength, are believed to have many beneficial effects on the human body such as retarding bacterial growth.

Pantech, comprising Pantech, Pantech & Curitel and Sky Teletech, will sell the health-oriented phones via all of the country's three mobile carriers _ SK Telecom, KTF and LG Telecom _ this week.


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