IT technology exhibition opens on sidelines of APEC forum

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IT technology exhibition opens on sidelines of APEC forum


An information technology exhibition began yesterday in Busan on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, showcasing Korea's advanced digital technology. The technology fair is scheduled to run Nov. 15-21 at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, the main venue for the APEC conference.
The event, hosted by Korea's Ministry of Information and Communication, aims to provide the APEC participants from 21 Pacific Rim countries with an opportunity to witness the prowess of Korea's IT industry, especially through the demonstration of cutting-edge homegrown technologies like wireless broadband (WiBro) and satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB).

Chin Dae-je, Minister of Information and Communication, said at the opening ceremony, "Besides its commercial aspect, I hope this exhibition promotes the developing world's access to modern technology."

He added Korea is committed to playing an influential role in bridging the digital divide between developed and developing nations.

Busan Mayor Hur Nam-sik also said in a congratulatory remark, "This exhibition is expected to help increase awareness of Busan as a city of information technology."

The seven-day exhibition features four corporate pavilions by Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Inc., KT Corp. and SK Telecom, the ministry said.

Samsung Electronics said it will emphasize its image as a leading company in technology. It will demonstrate WiBro handsets which will be soon commercialized for the first time in the world. It will unveil an 80-inch PDP, the largest among all commercially available PDPs, a 102-inch PDP and an 82-inch LCD.

The electronics maker will also display a handset for land-based DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting), "Serene" the premium handset and a super-music phone with 3-gigabyte capacity.

LG Electronics will feature its IT products in two differing areas: PDPs and LCDs will be displayed at display zones while DMB phones and notebooks will be displayed at DMB zone.

SK Telecom will also present an array of its cutting-edge products under the slogan of "SK Telecom, the leader in the ubiquitous era."

SK Telecom will demonstrate the world's first HSDPA (High Speed Downward Packet Access) which will be commercialized early next year. It will also lend 500 satellite DMB handsets to VIPs so that they can experience the DMB service.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a demonstration of high-speed wireless internet services by KT, South Korea's biggest fixed-line telecommunications company.

WiBro enables people to get networked while on the move via laptops or personal digital assistants. Boasting high speed with an average of 1 mbps, the world's first commercial portable broadband service will be rolled out in April next year.

500 WiBro handsets will be freely available for APEC participants to use at BEXCO, Dongbaek Island, hotels on Haeundae Beach and other areas near the APEC meeting venue from today to Nov. 21, according to KT.

Satellite DMB, now provided by SK Telecom and TU Media Corp., enables people to watch TV programs while on the move via mobile handsets or in-car terminals.

With satellite DMB service, users can watch up to 8 hours of real-time English-language news or programs produced by Arirang TV, an English network in Korea.

TU Media has set up gap-fillers, broadcasting equipment for facilitating satellite TV viewing, around the APEC conference venue.

Other than these IT events, there are many things to see at the IT exhibition hall.

The show will be open to corporate CEOs and members of the press Nov. 15-17, APEC leaders Nov. 18-19 and the general public Nov. 20-21.

Organizers estimate more than 6,000 participants from the 21 APEC member economies will attend the exhibition.


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