Leaders Marveled at Korea's High Tech

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Leaders Marveled at Korea's High Tech


One of the places of most interest of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum this year was an APEC 2005 IT Exhibition at BEXCO in Busan, which provided visitors with chances to explore the advanced information technology (IT) of Korea.

The IT exhibition, the first of its kind at an APEC meeting, showed off the nation's prowess in a wide array of IT areas from satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) to wireless broadband Internet access (WiBro), promoting Korea's image as the world's IT power.

On Friday, the world leaders including U. S. President George W. Bush, Chinese President Hu Jintao and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited the exhibition just before a dinner show after the summit according to their official schedule.

``Although a tour of the place was supposed to be only 30 minutes, leaders stayed at the exhibition 15 minutes longer showing great enthusiasm,'' said Esmond Oh, a CEO of Ioconvex Inc. and an organizer of the exhibition. Oh has been working on the exhibition for more than ten months with his company staff.

He said every action of world leaders _ such as holding a cell-phone or shaking hands with robots _ is brings enormous economic advantages and results in indirect promotion of the products.

``And the leaders did such actions so many times, which was a great opportunity for Korean companies,'' said Oh.

Four Korean companies _ Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, KT, and SK Telecom _ and eight government agencies ran exhibition booths featuring the latest electronics products, such as large plasma display panels, and IT services, including e-government and e-learning.

According to Oh, a robot ``Albert Hubo,'' a humanoid robot with the face of Albert Einstein and digital Korean traditional garden were most popular among the leaders. Structure of the exhibition hall was in the shape of letter U, symbolizing ``Ubiquitous Korea.''

``As it was the place that important world leaders were to visit, everything had to be of high quality,'' said Oh. ``Although it was a nerve-wracking job, I and my company were proud of being part of this exhibition.''

Oh said he will convey the know-how of this exhibition to Vietnam, the next host country of APEC.


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