Gyeonggi Province-International Relationship

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Gyeonggi Province-International Relationship


Gyeonggi Province's exports in 2000 were USD38 billion while imports for the same period were USD35.6 billion, accounting for more than 22%of all Korean exports and imports.High-tech items, such as computers and semiconductors, have experienced favorable export increases. Gyeonggi Province has a favorable record of exports to advanced and developing countries with ongoing exports increasing to Japan and China.

Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
[A list of export/import products with Korea]
- Exports: Electrical Machinery & Tools, Mineral Fuels, Machinery, Fish Products, Underwear Products, Organic Chemical Products etc.
- Imports: Machineries, Optical Machinery & tools, steels, Organic chemical Products, Plastics etc.

[Exchange Situation]
'90. 4. 24 : Establishment of sisterhood- Dispatched technical trainee
2001 : Gyeonggi Province's Ceramic Ware Exhibition, Kanagawa Prefecture's Culture & Institution Ceremony, high school art troupe mutual exchange and performance etc.- Hereafter, promote further on exchange to extensive fields of Administration, Culture, Arts, Economy, Sports etc.

Liaoning Province,China
[Classification of Trade/Investment by size & rank by country against Liaoning Province]
- Trade: Japan-Korea-U.S.A.- Germany
- Investment: U.S.A.-Japan-Korea-Singapore

[Exchange Situation]
93. 10. 4 : Establishment of Sisterhood
'96. 8 : 3 Participate in Friendship Exchange conference(Kyong-Sun Choi, Vice-Governor of administrative affairs) have visited Liaoning Province.
'99.10.21 : Delegation from Liaoning Province(Jung-Pyo Kwak, Vice-Governor & 10 people) have visited Gyeonggi Province.
'00. 4 : Delegation from Gyeonggi Province visited Liaoning Province(Chang-Yul Im, Provincial Governor & 21 people) .
'00. 9 : Liaoning Province Delegation (Guk-Kwang Chang, Provincial Governor & 13 people) visited Gyeonggi Province.
'01. 10 : 18 Government employees visited Daelin, Shenyang, Dandong.
'01. 12 : Se-Jin Moon, Secretary of Liaoning Province visited Gyeonggi Province.
'02. 5 : Guek-Jeon Yu, Vice-Provincial Governor and Staff visited Gyeonggi Province.
'02. 6 : Hee-Pyong Lee, vice-secretariat of Liaoning Province visited on World Cup Game Invitation.
Govorner of Gyeonggi Province have visited Liaoning Province.

Shandong Province, China
[Exchange Situation]
'00. 3. : Consultation on inauguration of sea route between Pyeongtaek and Shandong Province (Yongsung City)
'00. 4. : Concluded Economic Friendship Cooperation agreement, Gyeonggi Province-Shandong Province (Yongsung City) concluded Memorandum of Understanding for inauguration of sea route for car ferry.
'01.10 : Car ferry in commission between Pyeongtaek and Yongan, Sahandong Province (Provincial Governor on board).
'02. 2 : Yui-ryong Jang, Chief of Department of Foreign Affairs & five people visited.Concluded agreement for mutual dispatch of government employees.
'02. 5 : Gyeonggi Province Department of Investment & Promotion staff (2 people) visited Shandong Province on friendship-cooperation trip.

Guangdong Province, China
[Exchange Situation]
'96. 8.5 : Cooperative Exchange agreement concluded.
'98. 7 : Participated Gwangju Exhibition, Gwangju Province.
'00. 4.24 : Visit by delegation from Gyeonggi Province (economic cooperative concluded, inauguration of regular sea route for container vessels).

Florida State, U.S.A
[Export/import items with Korea]
Main Export Items: Machinery, Electrical machinery & tools, Optical and Medical machinery & tools, Fertilizers, Embroidered Textiles etc., Aerospace Products, Main Import Items: Automobiles, Embroidered Textiles, Aerospace Products, Machinery etc.

[Exchange Situation]
'00. 2.19 : Chairman of Organizing Committee & 7 Staff of Ceramic ware Expo visited.
- Meeting with State Governor and conveyance of personal letter from Provincial Governor.
- Attended cultural event named "International Days 2000".
'00. 8.28 : Administrative delegate's visit in preparation of sisterhood agreement.
'00.11.19 : Provincial delegate's visit to Florida and establishment of sisterhood.
'02. 6. 3 : Gyeonggi Province(Ajou University)-State of Florida(Florida State University) held first Joint-Forum .
'02. 7 : Mr. Frederick Glickman, Director of International Cooperative of Department of Commerce, visited Gyeonggi Province.

Commonwealth of Virginia, U.S.A
[Exchange Situation]
'97. 4.11 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'98. 2.27 : Head of Korea sector & 6 people from Commonwealth of Virginia visited province on business.
'98. 9.15 : Provincial delegate¢®?s cooperation discussion with Vice-Minister of Department of Commerce
'98. 9.28 : Head of Korea sector visited Province for discussions on improving cooperative exchange.
'02. 4.22 : "Gyeonggi Technomart" Venture Expo held at Washington DC.

Utah, U.S.A
[Exchange Situation]
'83. 9.30 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'99. 9. 6 : Erection of "Korean Arbor" in Utah State Park
'00. 11.14 : Provincial Delegates(Provincial Govorner & 14 people)) visited State of Utah.
-Concluded "Improvement on Cooperative Exchange" agreement.
- M.O.U for technical development between Ansan Technopark and Department of Economic Development .
'02. 6. 2 : Mr. Darrin Cobler, head of Asia sector for the State of Utah visited the province.
- Agreement on government employee dispatch and conveyance of government employee dispatch letter of invitation .
'02. 7 : Dispatched Government employee from Province to the State of Utah.

Queensland State, Australia
[Exchange Situation]
'97.11.3 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'98.3 : Head of Korea sector from Queensland visited Gyeonggi Province.
'98.8 : Meeting with the Australian Ambassador & Advisory Ambassador.
'01. 4. : Visit by Provincial Delegates(conclude Action Plan).
'01.11. : The Prime minister. and 13 people from Queensland visited (Dispatch of government employees exchange agreement)
'02. 8. : Start of mutual dispatch of government employee exchange.
¢®¨ª Active exchange between corporation on joint investment/technical exchange/trade for IT/BT area.

Catalunya Autonomous Community, Spain
[Exchange Situation]
'99. 3.5 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'00.7 : Visit by Prime Minister to the Province.
- Establishment of Antonio Gaudi International Graduate School.
'00.10 : Making Gyeonggi Province's symbolic formative art (Monzuic Stadium, Barcelona)
'00.11 : Provincial Governor's visit to Catalunya, Plan to build Singing-Fountain(Goyang-gun, Ilsan city)
'01.10 : Plan to build Aquarium(Near International Multi-Exhibition center , Goyang-gun, Ilsan city)

North Holland Province, the Netherlands
[Economic Situation]
Korean investment in the Netherlands: 42 cases USD392 million (as of June 1998)
Netherlands investment in Korea: 147 cases, USD2,458 million (3rd largest investment country by Netherlands)

[Exchange Situation]
'95. 3. 27 : Establishment of Sisterhood
'97. 1 : Establishment of Gyeonggi Province commodity market in Amsterdam World Trade Center.
'97. 7. 22 : Han-Yu Cho, Chief of International Cooperative & 2 people have visited North Holland Province.
- Discussion on development of Anseong Agricultural Complex.
- Discussion on training farmers, students from the Province to floricultural farming community in North Holland Province.
- Sisterhood drive between Anseong University and the University in North Holland Province.
'98.11.10 : Meeting between Netherlands Ambassador to Korea and the Provincial Governor.
- Induction of foreign capital in Agricultural area.
- Cooperative dialogue on water quality improvement in metropolitan area.
'02. 5. 28 : Visit to Provincial Government by Investment induction delegate of Gyeonggi Province.

Moscow Region, Russia
[Economic Situation]
Export items to Russia: Automobiles, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Machinery, electric equipment & tools etc
Import item: steel, Fish Product, Aluminum Product, Organic Chemical Product, Cottons etc.

[Exchange Situation]
'97. 5.10 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'99. 6. 4 : Head of Foreign Economics and 1 person from Moscow Region visited Province.
'99. 9.28 : Open session on Biotechnology Seminar sponsored by Moscow Region.

North East Assembly, U.K
[Exchange Situation]
'96. 6. 1 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'97. 7.16 : Open session in England "The 1st Gyeonggi Province Day"
'97.3 : English students¢®? internship in Gyeonggi Province (for 1 year)
'97. 7.11 : Visit to Hermit School by Principal & 1 person from Buan Jr. High school in Anyang.
'97.11.15 : Delegates of NEA visited Gyeonggi Province.

State of Mexico, Mexico
[Export .Import articles against Korea]
- Exports: Automobiles and Related Products, Copper & Related Products, Plastic Products, General Machinery, Basic Metal Products, Metal Equipment, Ceramic Products, Food (especially beer), Electric/Electronic Products, Medical & Pharmaceutical Products, Household Appliances etc.
- Import: Electric/Electronic Products, Electronic Communication Equipment, Automobiles & Parts, Tires, Textiles, Garments, Chemical Products, Coconut Oil,
- Animal Fat, Multi-Electronic Circuit related Products etc.

[Exchange Situation]
'96. 5. 13 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'96. 6. 20 : Dispatched acceleration of trade transaction delegation to Central & South American region.
'00.11.10 : Mr. Carlos, Minister of Economics & party have visited the Province.
'02. 5.28 : Mr. Montier Rojas, State Governor & party have visited the Province .
Hereafter, cooperation towards Economic, Cultural, Youth, Sports (pro soccer), and Arts (symphony Orchestra) exchange

Taipei City, Taiwan
[Exchange Situation]
'00. 6.14 : Dispatched Friendship Exchange delegation from Gyeonggi Province.
'00. 6.29 : Visit by Gyeonggi Province delegate (Economic Friendship) cooperative agreement concluded.
'02. 7.17 : Friendship visit by an Advisory Ambassador of International affairs.

South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
[Exchange Situation]
'02. 2. 4.: Visit to South Sulawesi by Provincial Governor & 19 delegates from Gyeonggi Province (Meeting with State governor & visit to Hasanudin University) Concluded Friendship/Cooperation Agreement.
'02. 3. : Discussion on economic, cultural and educational cooperation.
Indonesian Commerce Delegates & secretary-General & 7 people from Habibi Center .
visited Gyeonggi Province.
'02. 6. : Visit to Indonesia by Administrative Delegates for Agricultural Cooperative Program.
Processing agreement between Agricultural Cooperative Business related Small & Medium Enterprises Assistant Center and Habibi Center .

Ha Tay Province,Vietnam
[Export. Import Items by the Republic of Korea]
- Export: Textile, Automobile, Machinery, Steel, Chemical Products etc.
- Import: Agricultural & Marine Products, Fabrics, Textile Products, Crude Oil etc.

[Exchange Situation]
'97. 10. 6 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'97. 10.14 : Chairman of People's Council & Party(10 People) from Ha Tay Province have visited Gyeonggi Province.
'01. 5. 10 : Advisory Ambassador of International Affairs & Delegates from Gyeonggi Province have visited Ha Tay Province.

[Cooperative Exchange Field]
Cooperation based on abundant labor force and consolidated capital and technology provided by Gyeonggi Province. Furthermore, the introduction of traditional culture through exchange of traditional dance troupes and performances.

Gauteng Province, South Africa
[Exchange Situation]
'95. 5.25 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'97. 8. 4 : Large scale SOC facility development plan by Gyeonggi Province.
'98. 4.22 : South African junior executive government officials train at the central governmental Officials¢®? Education Institute.
'98.10.13 : Participation in International Trade Expo in South Africa(10 companies).

Alto Parana Department, Paraguay
[Economic Situation]
Export. Import Items with Korea
- Export: Automobile, electric Machinery & Tools, Textile, Machinery.
- Import: Raw Cotton, Seed Oil/Foodstuffs, Wool Products etc.,

[Exchange Situation]
'96. 7. 10 : Establishment of Sisterhood.
'98. 10 : Chairman of Alto Parana Province Korean-Paraguyan Department visited Gyeonggi Province and Ansan Chamber of Commerce.

[Cooperative Exchange Field]
- Market condition survey for trading and the development of trading activities.
- Review of feasibility for small & medium enterprises advancement into the region.
- Agricultural industries advancement into the region and exchange of culture/arts etc.

British Columbia Province, Canada
[Economic Situation]
Export Import Items against Korea
- Export: Pulps, Coals, Minerals, Aluminum etc.,
- Import: Automobiles, Electronics, Machinery Components, Computer Components, Textiles etc.,

[Exchange Situation]
'97.4.8 : Concluded M.O.U on Economic Cooperative Exchange.

[Cooperative Exchange Field]
- The activation in the future of trade and human exchange (government official training, student exchange)
- Technology-transfer of high-tech industries and inducement of foreign capital.
- Support exchange between universities & research institutes.
- Exchange and benchmarking of technology in fields of Canadian expertise, such as environment, forestry, computing, etc...

Vastmanlands County, Sweden
Number of manufacturing companies: about 1,000
Employees in each industry section: manufacture, construction 36%, trade, transportation, service 31%, public service, clinic section 31%, agriculture, forestry 2%
Natural resources: iron ore, woods, waterpower generation infrastructure
Worldwide enterprise with up-to-date technology
- ABB Group(a multinational corporation) - It has 1,300 subsidiaries in 40 nations all over the world, auto parts, semiconductor Manufactures power generation equipment and railroad vehicles
- Volvo Cars - manufacturer of gear boxes and wheel axles in automobiles, trucks, buses
- Wirabo Corp. - manufacturer of plastic and soft iron pipes
- Seco Corp. - manufacturer of steel, cast iron, other metal and cutting tools
- Celsius Aerotech Inc. - aviation maintenance and service development
¢®¨ª Medium-sized businesses, especially in the control engineering field, are growing rapidly
Access to European Rapid-transit Railway : 50 min. from Stockholm
International Port : Vsteras Harbor, Koping Harbor
International Airport : Vsteras Airport
Suburban area is surrounded with a dense forest, lakes, cultural space, ancient

[Exchange Situation]
'99. 3.13 : Concluded Economic Cooperative Agreement.


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