Grape in Gyeonggi Province

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Grape in Gyeonggi Province


Contains lots of sugar (glucose, fructose) which helps relieve exhaustion and the vitamin ABB2CD contained in it helps metabolism. As a alkali food, it strengthens muscles and bones while suppresses virus activities and tooth-decay.

Daebudo Grape (Ansan)
The skin of Daebudo grapes are thick due to the ocean climate and the scent is very sweet. The grapes are high in sugar (over 15®Bx). It is time competitive to other grapes because these grapes can be harvested about 10 days later than other regions. Cold-resistant and excellent for storage.

Songsan Grape
Songsan honey grapes are high in mineral and contain nourishment because it grows in clayey soil. This fruit is harvested later than other grapes from other regions because of the ocean climate.

Hwaseong "Honey Grape"
Hwaseong grapes are high in sugar and the skin is thin.
These grapes have a reputation for being sweet has honey making it the most popular among other grapes. Contain plenty of nourishment and grown in clayey soil and also the ocean climate cause harvesting later than other regions but high wrapping technology made it possible to eat these grapes without even washing them.


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