Pear in Gyeonggi Province

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Pear in Gyeonggi Province


High in sugar, soft pulp and very juicy. Because it is rich in minerals is good for Asthma, colds and constipation and it also hastens blood circulation.

Namyangju Pear (Meokgol Pear)
Meokgol pears are grown in orchards near the Jungnangcheon (Stream).
That soil the pears are cultivated in brings out the delicious flavor and this is why it is called "Meokgol pear (delicious pear)".

Anseong Pear
The white flesh is soft and over 13 percentage of it contains sugar. These pears are juicy and the quality is known to be the best of its kind. And also it is strong in storage.

Pyeongtaek Pear
Pyeongtaek pears grow in rich clayey soil in mild weather. Contains sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other lactic acids which affects alkali making the pear good for maintain health.


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