Etiquette with Korean Families

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Etiquette with Korean Families


Shoes are not worn inside Korean residences.

People are respectful and polite to elders, as Confucianism remains a strong social code.
People do not point at others.

Red ink is not used in writing a living person's name.

You should not squeeze hard when shaking hands.

At the table you should wait until an elder begins to eat.

Blowing one's nose at a meal is impolite.

Do not leave your spoon or chopsticks inside your rice or soup bowl. Chopsticks are stuck into the rice only at offerings for the deceased.

Koreans often smile to show embarrassment, or when they feel sorry.

Breakfast is covered by the basic charge.

Most hosts come to the airport to fetch visitors. Some home-stay organizations may charge a transportation fee.

Hosts may accompany you for sightseeing, shopping, and other activities if requested.

By agreement you may use the host's computer, washing machine, or other home appliances.

Folk games or other cultural activities can be experienced during free moments (Yutnori, a stick-tossing game similar to backgammon, trying on Korean traditional costume, etc.)


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