Gyeonggi Province: the ideal place for foreign investment

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Gyeonggi Province: the ideal place for foreign investment


Accounts for 20% of the total exports of Korea, the 11th largest trading nation in the world.

Home to a huge consumer market of 23million people, including the residents of Seoul

As the center of Korea's economy, accounts for 23% of the GRDP (Gross Regional Domestic Product).

Home to 9.8million residents, or 18% of Koreas population, and rising by 300,000 person each year.

The heart of Korea's industry with 28% of the nation's small and medium-size companies, 37% of its high-tech industry, and 60% of it's biotechnology industry.

Boasts a highly skilled and productive workforce of 3.9 million, and numerous higher learning and research institutes.

Possesses advanced transportation and communications networks, including two international airports (one of them the Incheon International Airport, the largest hub airport in Asia), two international ports, expressways, and an extensive railway network.

If you have any questions about investment in Gyeonggi Province,
please contact us at:
Foreign Investment Promotion Division, Gyeonggi Province 1 Measan-ro 3-ga,
Gwonseon-gu, Suwon
Gyeonggi Province 441-701, Republic of Korea


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