Gyeonggi Province offers...

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Gyeonggi Province offers...


Abundant skilled labor and a stable business environment.

Incentives, including tax breaks for foreign companies leasing space in the Eoyeon-Hansan and Chupal Regional Industrial Complexes in Pyeongtaek and the Poseung National Industrial Complex.

Reduced land rent and taxes for investors in high-tech industries with investment of US1 million or more.

Exclusive incentives for investment in designated industries.

Regional taxes reduced or exempted for up to 15 years.

National or public land may be leased for 50 years with renewable leases.

Employment and training subsidies of KRW500,000/month for six months for each new recruit employed by a foreign company.

Comprehensive consulting service and one-stop administrative support.

Continuous administrative support for corporate management.

Easy access to amenities for foreigners, such as housing, international schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and leisure facilities, which benefit 44,000 foreigners residing in the province at present.


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