Mt.Jungmisan Recreation Forest

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Mt.Jungmisan Recreation Forest

The 834m-tall Mt.Jungmisan is forested from spring to autumn with conifers that are so tall and dense that the sky is barely visible. Though Mt.Jungmisan is nearby Seoul, it might be mistaken for a remote area in the Gangwon-do region because it's surrounded by huge mountains such as Mt.Baekunsan, Mt.Yumyeongsan and Mt.Yongmunsan. At the foot of this mountain is the Mt.Jungmisan Natural Recreation Forest. It cultivates pyogo mushrooms, one of the most famous of Gapyeong Seorak's indigenous products, and has a fruit farm that grows fruit-bearing tress. What's more, children raised in the city can gain first hand experience in cultivation at the Nature Observation Center. There are five camping sites that accommodate up to 1,000 people, and one auto-camping site, Other convenience facilities include the campfire site, hiking trails and the woodland rest area designated for refreshing the mind and body. Mt.Jungmisan has a mystical aura because it is often enveloped by a thick fog, and it is very cool even on a mid-summer's day. Popular at the nearby Cheongpyeong-hoban lakeside.
Reservations: Phone reservations are possible starting from 09:00 on the 20th of the previous month.

Bus: From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Sangbong Bus Terminal, take the Yangpyeong bound bus and then take the local bus headed for Okcheon.

Train: From Seoul Cheongnyangri Station, take the Jungang line train and get off at Yangpyeong station. Then take the Okcheon bound bus.

Car: Take state route #6 in the direction of Yangsuri. Head towards Yangpyeong and transfer to state route #37 towards Seorak-myeon.


Travel Information
- For Information: Mt.Jungmisan Recreation Forest 82-31-771-7166, FAX: 82-31-771-7662
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
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