Mt. Yongmunsan

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Mt. Yongmunsan

Long called the Mt.Geumgangsan of Gyeonggi, Mt Yongmunsan (1,157m) became a tourist site in 1982. The valleys that run through the innumerable rock surfaces mesmerize the mountain's visitors all throughout the year. The hike up this mountain usually begins at the entrance of Yongmunsa Temple. Follow the trail lined with thick trees on both sides and you come across a huge gingko tress in front of the Yongmunsa Temple. From here, take the trail heading to the left to reach Sangwonam Rock. Then cross the valley and go approximately 100m up. There's a ridgeline and a seemingly endless line of bedrocks. Mt. Yongmunsan has so many bedrocks that it appears as though it were virtually covered with rocks. Plus, there are plenty of water springs, including the Janggun, where hikers can stop to quench their thirst.

Train: From Seoul Cheongnyangri Station, take the Jungang line and get off at Yongmun station. Then, take the local bus.
Bus: From Seoul Sangbong Bus Terminal, take the Yongmun bound bus (departs 9 times a day). Get off at the Yongmun Bus Terminal and take the non-stop bus to Yongmunsa Temple (runs frequently).
Car: From Yangpyeong, take state route #6 in the direction of Hongcheon for 14Km and then transfer to local route #331 and go 6Km.

Travel Information
- For Information: Control Office 82-31-773-0088
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Baekun Peak 82-31-770-2068
Jungwon Waterfall 82-31-770-2068


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