Mt.Chukryeongsan Recreation Forest

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Mt.Chukryeongsan Recreation Forest

Mt.Chukryeongsan is the 870m-tall mountain that is spread across Namyangju-si and Gapyeong-gun. With dense woods and beautiful valleys, the mountain offers a diversity of mountain features despite its relatively small scale. There's a rock mound that provides an excellent view and a forest of more than 50 year-old Korean pine nut tree that is the largest in the Gyeonggi-do region. Mt.Chukryeongsan Recreation Forest, which is directly managed by Gyeonggi-do, was opened in July of 1995 but still remains quiet because it hasn't be widely publicized. The variety of attractions such as the woodland rest area designated for refreshing the mind and body, the outdoor camping site, water-play area, nature study area, grass square, royal azalea hill make the mountain ideal for a family vacation or one-day hiking course. There are 21 log cabins as lodging facilities in the recreation forest. Nearby, there are the year round, all-weather Cheonmasan Ski Resort, and the Sudong-gyegok Valley, which is abundant in water and sand. The valley is a national tourist site.

Entrance fee: adult 1.000 won, children 300 won, teens and soldiers 600 won

Parking fee: small to medium sized vehicles 3.000 won, large vehicles 5,000 won

House in the Forest (18 log cabins, 3prefabs) rates: 30:000 50,000 won (group lodging 100,000 won)

Bus: From in front of Cheongryangri Station, take coach bus #330, #765 or #30 and get off at the last stop, Maseok. Then take the Mt.Chukryeongsan bound bus (departs 6 time a day, takes 40 minutes) and get off at the entrance of Mt.Chukryeongsan. It's a 4Km walking distance to the recreation forest ticket booth.

Car: Take Gyeongchun state route $46 in the direction of Chuncheon, pass Machi Tunnel and get on to local route #362 at Hwado(Maseok).


Travel Information
- For Information: Mt.Chukryeongsan Recreation Forest 82-31-592-0681,

FAX: 82-31-592-9352

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