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Located at the heart of Namyangju City is the 812m-tall Mt. Cheonmasan. This mountain serves as proof of the changing seasons. In winter, it offers a beautiful snowscape. Then, the tender greens of spring turn a colorful shade of dark green in summer. The cycle of the changing seasons is completed when these leaves are tinged with fabulous autumnal tints in the fall. The mountain is quite rugged with high-rising peaks. What is more, it is a popular destination for leisure sports-lovers, thanks to its ski courses on the southern face of the mountain. Southeast of the mountain. Southeast of the mountain's highest peak is a rock cliff from which never-ceasing spring water sprouts. The training center for mental and physical health that was built on a 304,132 area opened in September of 1982. It has adventure and exercise facilities, entertainment and meeting centers, and convenience and water-supply facilities.

Bus: in front of Cheongryangri Station, take #30 city bus or #330, #765 coach bus and get off at Maseok. Then take the #38 village bus and get off at the Mt. Cheonmasan entrance.

Car: Take Gyeongchun state route #46 in the direction of Pyeongnae, or take local #362 from Maseok towards Gagok-ri. From Cheongryangri Station,drive past Manguri-Gogae hill. At the Donong 3-way intersection, take a left in the direction of Maseok. Just past Namyangju City Hall and Machi Tunnel, make a left.

Travel Information
- For Information: Namyangju City Bureau of Culture and Tourism 82-31-590-2062
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Cheonmasan Training Center 82-31-594-2463
Cheonma Ski Resort 82-31-549-1211
Seoul Resort 82-31-591-1230


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