Mt.Soyosan [Jajaeam]

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Mt.Soyosan [Jajaeam]

In Dongducheon's Soyo-dong lies the small but uniquely beautiful Mt. Soyosan. The azaleas blossoms in spring are breathtaking. Then in autumn, the beauty of the spring flowers is matched by that of the crimson foliage, which is why it is often referred to as the Sogeumgang or 'Little Mt. Geumgangsan' , of Gyeonggi. This is also a Buddhist site that is famous as the place where Saint Wonhyo reached enlightenment. What is more, the numerous amusement and convenience facilities such as snow-sledding hills, swimming pool, outdoor concert hall, and parking lot have made this site a great one-day travel course for urbanites. On the way up to the mountain's peak are the Cheongryang Waterfall and the 10m tall Wonhyo Waterfall whose cascading waters will refresh its viewers. The Jajaeam Temple within the mountains is alegacy in itself as the temple built by Saint Wonhyo in the 14th year (645) of Queen Seondeok's rule during the Silla Era. Fresh spring water flows from inside the Iljumun Gate and past the rear side of the parking lot.

Train: From Uijeongbu Station, take the Gyeongwon line train and get off at the Mt.Soyosan Station (departs on every 20th minute of the hour)
Bus: From Seoul Suyuri, take the non-stop bus to Mt.Soyosan (departs 12 times a day).
Car: Take state route #3 in the direction of Uijeongbu, pass Dongducheon-si. Make a right just before Mt. Soyosan Station.

Travel Information
- For Information: Soyosan Control Office 82-31-860-2065, Jajaeam 82-31-865-4045
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Hantangang Resort 82-31-839-2063
Tapdong Valley 82-31-860-2063


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