Mt.Gwanaksan [Yeonjudae]

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Mt.Gwanaksan [Yeonjudae]

Mt. Gwanaksan, along with Gaeseong's Mt. Songaksan, Paju's Mt. Gamaksan, Gayeong's Mt. Hwaaksan and Pocheon's Mt. Unaksan, form the 5-Mt.s, or the 5 beautiful mountains, of the Gyeonggi region. Beautiful mountains. Also referred to as the Sogeumgang(Little Mt.Geumgangsan), it serves as the southern border of Seoul. The mountain stretches past Gwacheon's Mt.Cheonggyesan and reaches as for as Suwon's Mt.Gwanggyosan. Despite the multiple peaks and deep valleys which create a considerably rugged mountain, it's a favorite 1-day hiking course for urbanites because it's relatively small in scale and close to the heart of the city. On Yeonjubong, the mountain's highest peak, climbers can look down on the city from the Yeonjudae Observatory, which is built with stonewalls. The breathtaking view is side to have inspired many writers to express the beauty through their poetry.

Subway: Take subway line #4, get off at Gwacheon station and head in the direction of the Mt. Gwanaksan hiking trail.
Bus: From Sadang, take the Gwacheon bound bus and get off in front of the Gwacheon Telephone company. Walk approximately 10 minutes in the direction of the hiking trail to reach the Mt. Gwanaksan entrance.
Car: From Seoul's Sadang intersection, head in the direction of Gwacheon and pass Namtaeryeong Hill. Take the one-way street behind the Gwacheon Catholic Church for approximately 1Km.

Travel Information
- For Information: Gwacheon City Bureau of Culture and sport 82-2-3677-2063

- Nearby Tourist Attractions

Seoul Grand park 82-2-509-1740

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