Ipado Island

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Ipado Island

The island has a mild ridge connecting several small hills (not higher than 50m). More than 30 percent of the land are the inclines except for the ridge from East to West and the sand coast and pebble flat. The north and south coast end up with a stiff cliff. Red-tinted rocks of various shapes and sizes that harbor the ancient mystery of the Yellow Sea and the waves surging on the beach and sea gulls flying over: the picture seems to be a piece of landscape, drawing exclamations and admiration from those who visit the place. The sea breeze that blows from every direction makes you feel refreshed. This island has well kept its nature beauty. It is also popular as a fishing spot along with the Gukhwa Island that is closely located.

Bus: Take the Joam bound bus from the Suwon Bus Terminal (Gyeongjin Bus, at 20-minute interval). Exchange to a boat for Ipado Island from Maehyang- ri (Fare: 2,000 won per person / one hour)

Travel Information
- For Information: Hwaseong City Bureau of Cultural information 82-31-370-7063/4
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Jeamri Relic for Martyrdom 82-31-370-7063
Jebudo Island 82-31-370-7063
Daebudo Island 82-31-481-2106


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