Jebudo Island

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Jebudo Island

The island provides a mysterious scene: the sea divides by half, twice a day, a Korean version of the Moses'Miracle. The island boasts of a long costal line (12Km) and has Maebong (three rocks of different shape and size) at the end of the sand flat. When the tide is out, a 3m-wide road appears, both sides of which a 500m-wide mud flat unfolds.The left one is muddy while the right one contains sand and gravels. As the tide is up, the water comes again and the road and flat go down under the sea. The tide remains high for about six hours a day, though the time can be different day to day. Jebudo Island is small in size. But, once on the island, you will be pleasantly surprised at many places to visit. There are Maebawi (meaning Hawk Rock) where hawks nest and a 2.5Km long sand beach where many sea shells are found. You need to confirm the time boats are available because the tide comes and goes at different time.

Bus: Take the Seosin bound bus from Geumjeong Station of the Red Line. From Seosin, use a bus for Jebudo Island (running twice a day, the time depending on the ebb.
For further information, please call at 031-357-2154)
Car: Take the road #1 and, then, Road #42 and #306 road from Suwon to go to Sagang, from which, take Road #39. Take a right at the Seosin Intersection and go 2Km and turn left at the first crossroad.

Travel Information
- For Information: Hwaseong City Bureau of Cultural information 82-31-370-7063/4
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Daebudo Island 82-31-481-2106
Namyang Catholic Shrine82-31-357-5828
Ippado Island 82-31-370-7063/4
Yung-Geonneung(Tombs) 82-31-370-7063/4


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