Hantan-gang Resort

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Hantan-gang Resort

The Hantan's river tourism site in Jeongok-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, is gaining a popularity because the scenery is beautiful and it is located in the vicinity of the metropolitan city area. The river is so clean and the cliffs both side of the river look like a piece of landscape. This is a good place for families to take a rest, especially because it has many facilities for sports like a family golf club and a boat club and a camping area. Also is there the Jeongok-riprehistoric excavation site about 500m from the rear gate of the tourism resort where remains from the Paleolithic era were found.

Bus: Jeongok bound bus from the Sangbong Bus Terminal to Hantan River Station
Train: The Gyeongwon Line from Uijeongbu Station to Hantan River Station(one hour)
Car: Road #3 for Uijeongbu and Yeoncheon to pass Dongducheon and Cheongsan reach the resort

Travel Information
- For Information: Yeoncheon County Bureau of Public Cultural information 82-31-839-2064
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Jaein Waterfall 82-31-839-2064
Dongmakgol Valley 82-31-839-2064


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