Songchu Valley

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Songchu Valley

Songchu Recreation Grounds, located in Yangju-si's Jangheung-myeon, Gyeonggi-do, is developed around the bank of Mt.Bukhansan. Just 3Km south of Songchu Station and formed alongside a 4Km-long valley, Songchu Recreation Grounds is a very popular vacation spot. It has various facilities such as a swimming pool, fishing ground, various amusement facilities, and restaurants. At the nearby farms, seasonal fruits including strawberries, peaches and grapes continuously attract families and couples all year long.


Train: From Sinchon Station, take the suburban railway to Songchu Station(runs between 06:10-18:20, takes 1 hour 15 minutes).

Car: Take state route #1 in the direction of Munsan, From the Gupabal 3-way intersection, make a right and drive 10.5Km along the Mt.Bukhansan-gil Road.


Travel Information
- For Information: Yangju City Bureau of Culture and Information 82-31-820-2471
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Jangheung Resort 82-31-820-2471


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