Misari Regatta

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Misari Regatta

This boat racing track of international standards was used during the 88 Seoul Olympics for boat racing and canoeing. The lake accounts for 330,579 of the total 1,421,488 area. On the riverside, a 5km biking trail has been created. The natural greens include facilities for everyday sports such as basketball, badminton and jogging. Furthermore, the wide grass area and promenades are often used for family picnics, group gatherings or even outdoor weddings. With the 88 Olympic road, Jungbu expressway and Paldang-daegyo Bridge nearby, it's a rest area that can be reached easily.

Sports facilities: game-purpose lake (2,212m long, 140m wide, average of 3m deep)

pleasure boats: Duck boat (4 persons), 7,000 won an hour, renting hours: 13:00-17:00 (Sundays and holidays 10:00-17:00)

Parking fee: small sized vehicle 3,000 won, large sized vehicle 5,000 won)


Bus: From Jamsil Station on Seoul subway line #2, take the Misa-dong bound intercity bus #16.

Car: Take the Seoul 88 Olympic road to Hanam-si(Misa-dong).


Travel Information
- For Information: Control Office 82-31-791-3147, 1524
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Mt.Geomdansan 82-31-790-6067


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