Jungwon Waterfall

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Jungwon Waterfall

The valley that runs southward from the eastern bank of Mt.Jungwonsan, which rises from the eastern tip of Mt.Yongmunsan, is called Jungwon Valley. As for the Jungwon Waterfall, although it is less than 10m high, the surrounding landscape of odd-shaped cliffs and streams are eye-catchers. There's also a wide area of water at the bottom of the falls. In the vicinity of the waterfall are flat surfaced boulders and forested areas that are just right for rest areas. To see the most beautiful spot of the Jungwon Valley, climb towards the upper part of the Jungwon Waterfall. The region around the upper current of the falls offers beautiful, secret sites that wait to be explored. Just thirty minutes or so away from this spot is another splendid waterfall.

Bus: From Sangbong Bus Terminal, take the Yongmunsa Temple bound non-stop bus (departs 4 times a day from 09:10-16:10). From Yangpyeong, take the Yongmunsa Temple bound local bus (departs at 40 minute intervals). From Yongmun-ri, take the local bus to the Jungwon Waterfall (departs 4 times a day at 07:00, 11:00, 14:00, 18:30).
Car: From Yangpyeong, take state route #6 in the direction of Hongcheon. From Maryong-ri, take local route #331 and take the road on the right at the Yongmunsa Temple and drive 6Km toward Johyeon-ri.
Train: From Seoul Cheongnyangri Station, take the Jungang line train and get off at Yongmun Station Then take the local bus.

Travel Information
- For Information: Yangpyeong County Bureau of Culture and Information 82-31-770-2068
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Mt. Yongmunsan 82-31-773-0088
Baekun Peak 82-31-770-2068


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