Icheon Pottery

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Icheon Pottery

Icheon has been the center of traditional Korean pottery ever since its beginning 500 years ago, owing to the fact that the art was first developed around the neighboring region of Gwangju and that it was naturally blessed with an abundance of material and fuel. To commemorate the village' s Key role in developing the Joseon white porcelain, Icheon City began a 700 million won project in 1988 to create museum, restaurants, parking lots and other convenience facilities. Today, Icheon is home to numerous ceramists that continue to learn and pass down the tradition of Gwangju' s traditional pottery and strive to recreate the beauty of the Goryeo celadon porcelain and Joseon white porcelain.
Icheon Ceramics Festival is held every year in between September and October to inform the whole of the excellence of Icheon ceramics. It has developed into an event that brings the citizens of this city together, as well as provide foreigners with the opportunity to participate and gain educational, firsthand experience. In short, the festival aims at raising people's awareness of Korean culture and vitalizing the region's economy

Bus: It takes 10minutes by city bus to the village at the Icheon Bus Terminal.
Car: Exit from the Jungbu expressway at the Gonjiam tollgate and take state route #3 in the direction of Icheon. Exit from the Yeongdong expressway at the Icheon tollgate and take state route #3 in the direction of Icheon.

Travel Information
- For Information: Icheon City Dept. Ceramics 82-31-630-0273/4, FAX: 82-31-630-0279
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Icheon Hot Springs 82-31-633-2001
Seolbong Hotel 82-31-633-6301
Mt.Seolbongsan 82-31-630-0101


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