Korean Folk Village

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Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village faithfully recreates the lifestyle during the Joseon era (1392-1910) with houses of the yangban, the aristocratic class, and commoners. There are people who actually live here to recreate the customs of the era and impart authenticity to them. Completed in 1974 after two years of construction, the Korean Folk Village was established in order to preserve the nation's cultural assets and introduce traditional Korean culture to both Koreans and foreigners. Dioramas reconstruct contemporary customs, rituals of shamanism, and the different cultures of the "Sa-nong-Gong-sang", the traditional four classes of society: scholars, farmers, artisans and tradesmen. There are also reconstructions of the traditional building structures including those of homes of farmers and government officers, oriental medicine stores, village there are daily performances held at the Nori Madang, and at the market place you can taste traditional wines and foods.

Bus: Take bus #1116, or 1002 for Korean Folk Village in front of the Jamsil Jugong-5-danji. Take a free shuttle bus in front of Suwon Station(Subway line #1)
(every 1hour, 30 minutes ride)
Car: Exit from the Gyeongbu Expressway at the Suwon tollgate, take a right at the Singal 5-way intersection and drive approximately 5 minutes in the direction of Osan.

Travel Information
-For Information : Korean Folk Village 82-31-286-2116/7, 82-2-745-4609,
FAX: 82-31-286-4051
-Nearby Tourist Attractions
Gyeonggi Provincial Museum: 82-31-285-2011
Waujeongsa Temple: 82-31-332-2472
Everland: 82-31-320-5000
Ho-Am Art Museum: 82-31-234-6171


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