Mt.Odusan Unification Observatory

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Mt.Odusan Unification Observatory

This is where the Han-gang River from the south and the Imjin-gang river from the north meet. From this vantage point, North Korea can be observed. This 4-story observatory is about 140m above sea level. There are photographs that show the stark reality of North Korea, an audiovisual room, and North Korean products for sale. From the round-shaped observatory room located 140 meters above the sea level, you can have a magnificent view covering from Mt.Songaksan in Gaeseong of North Korea to the north as far as to the 63 Building of Yeouido to the south. There are two display rooms, North Korea Room and Unification room, on the first and second floor to give visitors a chance to feel about the reality of North Korea and to see the past, present, and future of the peninsula with pictures, videos, and maps on display, and a store where you can buy products manufactured in North Korea. Also are there the Unification praying room, Mangbaedan, and a huge drum of a 2m-diameter and 600kg-weight, symbolizing the nation's pray for unification.

Bus: A deluxe bus (#909, #912) from Seoul Station to Seongdong-ri (about one and half hours)
Car: The Jayu Road (Road #23)

Travel Information
- For Information: Control Office 82-31-945-3171 FAX: 82-31- 945-3172
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Imjin-gak Resort 82-31-952-2565
IIsan Lake Park 82-31-961-2730
Haengjusanseong Fortress 82-31-974-7237


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