Imjin-gak Resort

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Imjin-gak Resort

Located about 54km north west from the Seoul Metropolitan City Hall and about 7km south of the Demarcation Line, Imjin-gak is as far as civilians can go to the north. It is a remnant of the Korean war. Built in 1972 to console those who had to leave their homes in the north, it stands on the 19,835 area and has three floors and one underground floor. Around it, there are Mangbaedan, an altar where those who cannot go back to their homes get together and pray for their ancestors, a museum where various documents and about 400 pictures are displayed to provide a rare look at North Korea's military, politics, and society, the Peace Bell, the Peace Garden, the Imjin-gang River Battle Memorial, the American War Monument, and tanks and planes that were used in the war. In addition, you can visit the Bridge of Freedom, the suspended Gyeongui Line (where the sign says "The train wants to run."), and the memorial tower for diplomats killed in Aungsan, Myanmar. It is a place where tourists feel the pain of the war and national division as well as the country's desires for unification.


Bus: Munsan bound bus at Bulgwang-dong Bus Terminal. There is a bus every 12 minutes.
It takes 1 hour 20 minutes.
Then take bus #93 (for Tongil-chon) at Munsan.

Travel Information
- For Information: Imjingak Rest Area 82-31-952-2565
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Panmunjeom 82-2-778-0150
Jaunseowon 82-31-958-1749
Odusan Unification Observatory 82-31-945-3171


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