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Panmunjeom is located at 50km point of the Tongil(Unification) Road to the north that was completed in time with the Christmas of 1971, the year when the North and South Joint Declaration was announced. It is the place where the Armistice Agreement was signed in July 27, 1953 that ended the Korean war and the United Nations forces are stationed to prevent any possibility of another military engagement. The place is always in tense and now well-known around the world. It is also where the two Koreas met to have a meeting and the Military Armistice Committee is held. It has become a symbolic place that represents the nation's desire to reunify the peninsula, especially as it is located on the only road that connects the North and South. Civilians need to obtain a permission to enter the area while foreigners don't if they are on a group tour.


Travel Information
- For Information: Korea Bureau 82-2-778-0150 FAX: 82-2-756-8428
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Dora Observatory 82-2-778-0150
The 3rd Tunnel 82-2-778-0150
Imjingak Resort 82-31-952-2565


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