Cheonmasan Ski Resort

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Cheonmasan Ski Resort

The Cheonmasan Ski Resort is at the foot of Mt. Cheonmasan(812m), which is located in Namyangju-si's Hwado-myeon, Gyeonggi-do. This resort opened in 1982 equipped for use all year round by creating two man-made plastic slopes, 700m and 1.300m each. Just 32Km (40 minutes) away from Seoul, the resort has more than 1,500 skis for rent, a swimming pool, hotels,restaurants and almost any other convenience facility imaginable. Furthermore, ski-lovers can also enjoy night skiing since 4 out of the 5 slopes have lighting facilities.

Bus: From in front of the Cheongryangri station, take city bus #30 or coach bus #330 and get off at Mukhyeon-ri. It's a 15-minute walk to the ski resort from there.

Car: Take Gyeongchun state route #46 in the direction of Pyeongnae or take local route #362 from Maseok towards Gagok-ri.

Travel Information
- For Information: Cheonma ski Resort 82-31-594-1211

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