Seokbong Ceramic Museum

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Seokbong Ceramic Museum

The museum was opened in October, 1997, by the ceramist Seokbong (penname) Cho Muho. While the exterior is in the shape of the typical, 2-story Korean building, it is set apart from the others by its walls which are decorated with ceramic paintings. The museum displays various ceramic works of art including the painting of MT. Baekdusan, one of Korea's grandest mountains. At the center of the museum's rear garden is an outdoor stage. Other facilities available are the international pavilion, model pavilion and demonstration room.

Car: Exit from the Yeongdong expressway at the Yeoju tollgate and take state route #37 in the direction of Yangpyeong.

Travel Information
- For Information: Seokbong Ceramic Museum 82-31-885-7711
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Silleuksa Temple Resort 82-31-880-1780
Tomb of King Sejong 82-31-885-3123


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