Moka Buddhist Museum

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Moka Buddhist Museum

This museum was established in June, 1993, by Sir Park Chansu who goes by the pen name Moka. He is an important intangible cultural asset in the field of woodcrafts. The museum specializes in upholding the traditions of Buddhist art and the process and techniques used in traditional woodcrafts. The museum is a surprising combination of modern architecture and traditional Buddhist culture. On the 1st underground floor and the 3rd floor are exhibits of various artifacts related to the religion such as Buddhist paintings and statues, works of calligraphy, figures of young monks, as well as woodcrafts. The outdoor sculpture park displays famous treasures such as the Mireuk-samjonbul and Birojanabul (stone Buddhas), the Samcheung-seoktap (3-storied stone tower), and the Baekui-gwaneumsang(statue of the Goddess of Mercy). In all, there are more than 6,000 pieces showcased at the museum.
- Museum hours: 09:30-17:00 (November-March)
09:00-18:00 (April to October)
- Open all throughout the year.

Bus: Take a bus for Yeoju at Seoul Express Bus Terminal. There is a bus every 40 minutes. Take a city bus #10, or 10-1 for Gangcheon-myeon at Yeoju Bus Terminal.
Car: Exit from the Yeongdong expressway at the Yeoju tollgate and take state route #37 in the direction of Yeoju.
Cross the Yeoju Bridge, and go past the entrance to Silleuksa Temple in the direction of Wonju, Munmak (approximately 5Km away)

Travel Information
- For Information: Moka Buddhist Museum 82-31-885-9952-4, FAX:885-9951
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
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