Haegang Ceramics Museum

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Haegang Ceramics Museum

Here at the Haegang Ceramics Museum, one can see how ceramic ware evolved in Korea and how it is made. This museum was established by Yoo Kun-hyung, whose pen name is Haegang. He devoted his life to collecting ceramics and passing in the technique of Goryeo celadon to future generations. The creation process, decoration techniques and other interesting details are shown, and celadon, white porcelain and Buncheong ware collected by the founder are displayed, including over 20 pieces made by the master himself.

Bus: Take a city bus for Seogwang-ri at Icheon Bus Terminal

Car: Exit from the Jungbu expressway at the Gonjiam tollgate and take state route #3 in the direction of Icheon.

Exit from the Yeongdong Expressway at the Icheon tollgate and take state rout #3 in the direction of Icheon.

Travel Information
- For Information: Haegang Ceramics Museum 82-31-634-2266, FAX: 82-31-634-1629
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
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