Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

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Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum shows Gyeonggi-do's history, antiquities, art and folklore documents. There are six exhibition halls(each displaying donated historic relics, paintings, folkloric artifacts, ancient documents ancient art and natural history, respectively) and a special exhibition hall. The folk culture of Gyeonggi province is displayed in the Folk Life through diorama and audiovisual aids.

The outdoor exhibition, more than 2,700 in area, includes some 14 showcases such as the Baekje ondol, or hot-floored home. Other facilities include the round theater and the central square where people gather for games and other events. Worthy of noting is the touch-screen that is set up in each of the exhibit rooms that provides an abundance of historical data at the tip of one's finger. Furthermore, the center for graphic information searches is open for use by museum seeking more data.

Bus: Take bus #1001,1002, or 1116 in front of the Nambu Bus Terminal in Seoul.
Car: Exit from the Gyeongbu Expressway at the Suwon IC and take the southbound state road #42 at the Singal 5-way Intersection.

Travel Information
- For Information: GyeonggiProvincial Museum 82-31-285-2011, FAX: 82-31-285-2015
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