Lamp Museum

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Lamp Museum

During the past fifty years, the director of this museum personally collected over 400 Oil lamps and candlesticks. They are displayed in chronological order: Three Kingdoms Era (18B.C - A.D.676); the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392); and the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). They are also arranged according to usage, whether they were used in main rooms or guest rooms or Kitchens. The museum has 1story below and 4 stories above.
Under the theme of "Lamps in our Lives", the 1st floor has four rooms exhibiting lamps that were used by our ancestors. On the 2nd floor, exhibit room #5 displays lamps by period, historical significance, and shape. Room #6 showcases beautiful lamps and personal possessions of the general public. The Sangwudang in the underground floor provides plenty of room for various cultural events including stage performances, art exhibitions and symposiums.

Bus: Take a city bus #60 or coach bus #660 at Yong-in Bus Terminal and get off at the tomb of Jeong Mong-ju.
Car: From Bundang, head in the direction of Gwangju, take a right at the Neunggol 3-way intersection. Take state route #43 in the direction of Suwon. It is located next to the Jeong Mong-ju burial ground.

Travel Information
-For Information : Lamp Museum 82-31- 334-0797, FAX: 82-31-339-4913
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