Seoul Land

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Seoul Land

This comprehensive amusement park was created for the public around the time the nation was bidding to hold the 88 Seoul Olympics. Its 330,597 area is largely divided into 5 sections by themes of World Squard, Samcheolli Hill, Future World, Fantasy World, and Adventure World. Children and teenagers will be able to broaden their world of imagination at this wondrous park.
Fun rides include the Space Cruiser, Black hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Tidal Wave, Magic Carpet, Bumper-cars, King Viking, Space Train and many others.

Subway: Get off at Seoul Grand Park Station of subway line #4, then take the Elephant Train to the Seoul Sand
Car: From Seoul's Sadang intersection, head in the direction of Gwacheon, The park is 2.5Km past Namtaeryeong Hill

Travel Information
- For Information: Seoul Land 82-2-504-0011, FAX: 82-2-504-1815
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Seoul Grand Park 82-2-500-7143
National Museum of Contemporary Art 82-2-503-7123
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