Moran Folk Market

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Moran Folk Market

Seongnam-dong, Seongnam City's Jungwon-gu is the site of the largest, most well known commercial market in the metropolitan area. The Moran Folk Market began way back in the 1930s, it was only in the 80s that it developed into a major attraction. The Moran Folk Market deals in both retail and wholesales of a variety of goods such as red peppers, leathers and grains produced nationwide, It has upheld the traditional market customs which are rare sights in or near Seoul. The Moran Folk Market is composed of 12 sections (floriculture, grain, medicinal herbs, apparel, sundries,fisheries, vegetables, foods, peppers, pets, poultry, miscellaneous) and open every 5 days on dates with the numbers 4 or 9 in them.

Bus: Take coach bus #906 or city bus #116 at Jamsil subway
station and get off at Moran intercity Bus Terminal. Then walk about 5minutes to the market.
Subway: Take subway line #8 and get off at Moran station. It takes about 5 minutes on foot from Moran Station to the market.

Travel Information
- For Information: Moran Folk Market Association of Merchants 82-31-721-9905
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Namhansanseong Fortress 82-31-743-6610


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