Icheon Hot Springs

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Icheon Hot Springs

More than 500 years old, the hot springs were discovered in1870. The water's high sodium concentration is beneficial for soothing problem skin, arthritis and gynecological diseases. It also helps mothers recovering from giving birth and refreshes the skin. As a beverage, it is effective on digestive disorders. Most famous among the hot springs is that of the Miranda Hotel. In particular, you don't want to miss the opportunity to soak in the outdoor hot springs bath, one of Icheon's most famous spots. The difference between the temperatures in and out of the bath helps to extract wastes by expanding and contracting the blood vessels. Therefore, the baths for the convenience of its users. People can enjoy the dual pleasure of swimming and getting the effect of the hot springs at once. The 140m long aqua-tube slide which is equal to jumping off a 5-story building, adds to the fun.

Bus: It is a 5-10 minutes walk from Icheon Bus Terminal to the spas.
Car: Exit from the Jungbu expressway at the Gonjiam tollgate and take state route #3 in the direction of Icheon.
Exit from the Yeongdong Expressway at the Icheon tollgate and take state route #3 in the direction of Icheon.

Travel Information
- For Information: Hotel Miranda 82-31-633-2001, Seolbong Spa Tourist Hotel 82-31-635-5701
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Icheon Pottery Village 82-31-630-0273/4
Mt.Seolbongsan 82-31-630-0102


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