Silleuksa Temple Resort

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Silleuksa Temple Resort

With the backdrop of the beautiful natural scenery of Namhangang River, it is the only temple to be situated along the riverside. Silleuksa Temple offers magnificent beauty as well as precious historic relics. Although it is said that the temple was built by Saint Wonhyo during the reign of Silla dyasty's King Jinpyeong, no relics or artifacts remain to support this idea. It is known, however, that the temple became famous in the 2nd year of King Wu's reign(1376) during the Goryeo dynasty when Saint Nawung entered.

Bus: Take Silleuksa bound bus at Yeoju Bus Terminal (available every 1 hour)
Car: Exit from the Yeongdong Expressway at the Yeoju Tollgate and take state rout #37 in the derection of Yeoju.
Cross the Yeoju Bridge, and take a right to reach the entrance of Silleuksa Temple.

Travel Information
- For Information: Control Office: 82-31-880-1780
- Nearby Tourist Attractions
Moka Buddhist Museum 82-31-885-9952
Seokbong Ceramic Museum 82-31-885-7711
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