National Theater of Korea

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National Theater of Korea


The National Theater of Korea was first founded in 1950 and the current theater complex in Jangchung-dong was established in 1973. Major facilities at the theater include Haeorum Theater (Main Hall), Daloreum Theater (Small Theater) and an open-air theater of Norimadang. The total area is 57,041 m2.

Tel: 82-2-2080-4114/8 Opening Hours: 9 am - 7 pm
- Subway: Line No. 3, Dongguk Univ. Station (Exit 6, walk 15 min./Exit 2, Use shuttle bus)
- Bus: [B]144, 301 [R] 9410 - Get off at Jangchung-Dong, and use shuttle
[B]420 - Get off at nationat Theater of Korea.

* Shuttle Bus leaves Dongguk Univ Station(subway Line #3)Exit2, 40/20 min. before a performance begins.


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