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Airline passengers entering from sanitary risk zones are required to submit a quarantine questionnaire at the quarantine examination booth on the floor of arrival.

If they have had any problems during the trip, they should consult with a quarantine officer, and if they have had symptoms of diarrhea, stomachache, or vomiting within 2 weeks, they should report to a quarantine station or public health center in the vicinity.

In the case of entering with foreign/domestic animals or plants, they should apply for quarantine for the same by reporting to an animal quarantine station or plant quarantine station, and submit the information card for animal quarantine or the information card for plant quarantine issued by the foreign country of origin.


If requested at customs inspection, customs officers will offer a guide.


Incheon Airport

Animal quarantine station Tel: 82-32-740-2660 Business center Tel: 82-32-743-6100, 7100
Plant quarantine station Tel: 82-32-740-2078 Airport medical center Tel: 82-32-743-3119


Homepage of National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service:
URL: www.nvrqs.go.kr/extra/english/index.asp

Civil affairs office of animal quarantine station: Tel: 82-32-740-2660
Civil affairs office of plant quarantine station: Tel: 82-32-740-2074


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