Entry into Korea without visas

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Entry into Korea without visas


Foreigners (except for nationals of 31 countries which do not have diplomatic relations with Korea or produce too many overstayers in the Republic of Korea with a view to participating in illegal activities, such as unlawful work, drug trafficking, other criminal acts and so on), are allowed to visit Korea for 15 days without a visa;

Foreigners (nationals of Cuba and Macedonia not included) who meet any of the following requirements will be admitted to Korea without a visa and will obtain a 30-day stay permit from immigration inspectors on arrival in Korea: - Foreigners who have residence cards, re-entry permits or visas issued by the government of the US, Canada or Japan; and who return to, or leave for, the US, Canada or Japan by way of the Republic of Korea from their own countries or the US, Canada or Japan; - Foreigners (nationals of China, Cuba, and Macedonia not included) who have visited Korea over four times during the last two years or have visited Korea over ten times regardless of which period of time, unless they have violated the Korean Immigration Law

APEC card holders are allowed to visit Korea without a visa and stay up to 60 days. APEC cards are available to business people of Australia, the Philippines,Hong Kong, China, and Chile.

Foreigners who are able to visit only Jeju Island without a visa are: - Chinese citizens in tour groups comprised of more than 10 persons, government officials and diplomats holding their official passports and diplomatic passports, respectively, are able to visit Jeju Island without a visa, on the condition that all of them should travel directly to Jeju Island from their own country or other countries. Tour groups must be invited by a designated travel association and their manifest and itinerary must be presented to the Jeju Immigration Office before departing from their own country or other countries. - Those who meet the above requirements will be allowed to stay up to 15 days in Jeju without a visa. It is possible for them to transit from Incheon International Airport to Jeju International Airport.

Direct Tour of Cheju Island
In the case of direct tour of Cheju Island (restricted to the Cheju area), tourist/transit (B-2) status is granted to the following foreigners with no visa.

Chinese group tourists invited by a certified travel company and others
- More than 5 people invited by a travel company appointed by the Korean Government
- A Chinese national who holds a diplomatic or official passport (holding official working order)
- Period : 15 days

Russia, etc (14 countries)
- Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijani, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Albania
- Period : 30 days


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