Eco park along Hangang

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Eco park along Hangang

Jun 10, 2005

After more than two years of construction, Seoul City will open Seoul Forest, a park in Ttukseom along the northern bank of the Hangang(River) on June 18.

The 1.15-million-square-meter area in Seongdong-gu that used to hold golf and horse racing facilities was previously considered for a new commercial area in northern Seoul, with facilities such as the new Seoul City Hall and a dome stadium planned.

The city, however, chose the forestation project to provide a balance between the north and south of the city in terms of quality of life, giving up potential development benefits estimated at 3 trillion won.

Aiming to become a fresh green space in the capital city, Seoul Forest also is the first park in which a large number of citizens have contributed ideas and labor. Citizens have so far planted over 48,000 trees in the forest.

Residents will also join the management of the forest as Seoul Green Trust, a voluntary citizen's group, will remain in charge of developing programs for maximal utilization of the forest and keeping it clean and safe.

The forest contains five uniquely themed parks, each of which complements each other.

Right next to its front gate will be the Park of Art & Culture, which holds the Seoul Forest Plaza, along with an open-air stage, a skate park and more.

Near the plaza, the Ecological Forest is filled with a variety of trees such as pine, chestnut, cherry and acorn.

On June 6, wild animals, including Formosan deer, Chinese water deer squirrels, and different duck species, were set free in the forest.

The Ttukdo water purification facility in the forest will be a place for students to come for ecological field trips.

The Marshy Land Ecological Park will be located in the northern end of the forest and an observatory bridge will enable visitors to walk through the forest.

To signal the grand opening of the forest, a nine-day festival called "Open Seoul Forest!" will feature diverse cultural and ecological events, including classical music concerts, walks with celebrities, magic performances and face painting.

Over 30,000 citizens will be invited to the opening ceremony at 7 p.m. on June 18, to be followed by a concert from KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), planned to celebrate the birth of the forest and its 600th run at the same time.

Using public transportation, Seoul Forest is closest to exit 8 of Ttukseom subway station on line 2.


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