Government launches monthly policy magazine in English

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Government launches monthly policy magazine in English

Jul 01, 2005

The Korean Overseas Information Service has published the first issue of The Korea Policy Review, a monthly English-language magazine that focuses on government policies.

The magazine offers in-depth analyses on major domestic and international policies promoted by the Korean government and provides opinions and insights from renowned international experts, said Yoo Jae-woong, KOIS director and publisher of The Korea Policy Review.

Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan said in a congratulatory message that the aim of the magazine is to help readers better understand Korea and its future vision, as well as being a platform for promoting communication between Korea and the international community.

The 68-page July issue covers a wide range of topics and issues, including the North Korean nuclear issue, Korea-Japan relations and free trade agreements. It also has a photo essay on Heyri Art Valley and an interview with Kim Young-ran, Korea's first female Supreme Court justice.

The magazine provides overviews of the current Korean economy. Its summarized articles of foreign media outlets offer international perspectives about various aspects of Korean culture and society.

KOIS distributes about 10,000 copies of the magazine to foreign opinion leaders and major international organizations. The magazine is also available online at, the official Web site of the Korean government.

KOIS was established in 1971 to promote international understanding of Korean culture and its people and is affiliated with the Government Information Agency. The Korea Policy Review is edited and printed by Herald Media Inc.


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