SBA announced the commencement of global recruitment services

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SBA announced the commencement of global recruitment services

Sep 05, 2005

Seoul Business Agency (SBA, CEO & President: Mr. Kwon Oh-Nam) announced that it would open a portal site providing assorted realtime job information for overseas regions and offer customized training courses from September for young professionals in Seoul's strategic industries such as information technology, fashion, digital contents, and so on.

Supporting young professionals in Seoul's strategic industries
This project is named Global Recruitment Services, in which Seoul Mayor Lee Myung-Bak has expressed great interest in order to help solve a socially-concerned issue of young professionals' unemployment. SBA, the executive organization of this project, will aim for supporting Seoul's young professionals to take overseas jobs in Seoul's strategic industries like information technology. Major services include maintaining a portal site to offer realtime overseas job information and operating customized training courses for overseas job seekers.

SBA has prepared this project since last May organizing a team dedicated for this project. Then, it opens an "overseas job information" portal site ( on August 31 for providing overseas job openings, customized training courses, and so on. In order to use services to be provided in the portal site for free, job seekers only need to visit the site and sign in his/her name registering a resume.

Customized training courses for overseas employment
At the same time, SBA will offering a 1-month-long customized training course for overseas job seekers (100 persons) with Chinese proficiency (higher than HSK 3 class) aiming for jobs in China. Those who successfully finished the course will be offered a chance to have an interview with overseas recruiters. SBA is going to offering additional courses for 200 more overseas job seekers before the end of this year. SBA will operate this year's courses as trial courses, based on the evaluation results of which it will offer more courses for overseas job seekers including longer-term courses.

Mr. Kwon Oh-Nam, CEO and President of SBA mentioned that SBA will play a role of springboard for Seoul's young professionals seeking overseas jobs to successfully grow to be globally competitive business people. Then SBA can create a success case thereof as a regional government backed project operator in the field of overseas placement services, he added. In order to more effectively execute the project, SBA will from cooperative relationship with distinguished organizations home and abroad such as HRD Korea, foreign embassies and foreign chambers of commerce in Korea, kotra's overseas offices, overseas sister cities, overseas Korean enterprise network, global HR companies and so on, he mentioned.

Seoul Business Agency(SBA)is a public organization funded by Seoul Metropolitan Government in charge of promoting Seoul's strategic industries including information technology and fashion, supporting small- and medium-sized companies, and developing human resources.
Tel: 1577-7119


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