Seoul English Village-16,500 students experienced

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Seoul English Village-16,500 students experienced

Dec 07, 2005

16,500 students experienced Seoul English Village

To mark the first anniversary of the Seoul English Village, the capital city's government announced yesterday that more than 16,500 students have experienced its program so far.
The village, located in Pungnap-dong, is an innovative model for English education in Korea - set up and operated by Herald Media on behalf of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

In its annual report, the city government records that six percent of fifth or sixth graders in the city have completed the six-day-long course designed to give students real-life experiences of living overseas.

Plans are in place to enable 13 percent of fifth or sixth graders in Seoul to attend next year by opening a second English village in Sooyoo-dong in March.

The success of the village has also helped lighten the financial burden on parents who normally pay extravagant expenses for their children to attend overseas language courses, an official said. "It might have reduced private education costs from 18.1 billion to 7.8 billion won over the past 11 months," he added.

Seoul English village invites some 300 students from different schools each week with students attend class for up to 10 hours a day. During class-hours, students visit police stations, banks, hospitals, basketball courts and other simulations where students have to use "living" English, or practical phrases.

In a survey conducted by the city government, 91.5 percent of 1,169 respondents said that they were satisfied with the program.


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