Seoul City Conducts English Interviews

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Seoul City Conducts English Interviews

Dec 08, 2005

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Tuesday it had included English interviews in its employment tests this year, the first among public organizations in Korea to evaluate English conversation skills of new recruits.

``Seoul is becoming an international city and we need more people with competitive English communicative skills," said a Seoul City spokesman.

``The number of tourists or businessmen visiting Seoul is increasing, and City hall is becoming busier with such people. We require our employees to strengthen their practical English skills," he said.

The city government will conduct interviews for 1,200 job applicants through Saturday at its City Officials Training Institute in Socho-dong, southern Seoul.

During the interviews, they will be asked to speak in English for about two minutes on one of the five subjects picked by the exam inspectors.

The five conversation subjects included, ``Why do you want to be a public servant?" ``character requirements in working for the Seoul Metropolitan Government," ``Self-development plans as a public servant," ``public services in the eyes of the citizen," and ``the most urgent social issues that must be dealt with."

The city government plans to drop about 270 of the test applicants after evaluating their interview results.

After the employment process, the city government will evaluate the effectiveness of the test methods and discuss whether to expand the relative portion of the English interviews in next year's employment tests.

According to official figures kept by the city, there were about 114,000 foreign residents living in Seoul as of September, more than double the 45,000 living there in 1995.


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