N(ew) Seoul Tower Set to Debut

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N(ew) Seoul Tower Set to Debut

Dec 13, 2005

A N(ew) Seoul Tower Set to Debut

"The Symbol of Seoul," Seoul Tower atop Seoul's Mt.Namsan (480m above sea-level) will be transformed into an entirely new cultural complex 30 years after its construction. Lee Jeong-hun, CEO of CJ N CITY, announced that it has completed the full-scale remodeling of the tower that began last April with W15 billion (US$15 million) and plans to unveil its new splendor on Friday. Its name has also been changed from Seoul Tower to "N Seoul Tower," in which "N" stands for "Namsan" and "New." N Seoul Tower has been a favorite tourist attraction and a beloved symbol of Seoul since it was built in 1975 as the first electric wave transmission tower for telecommunication, but its worn-out facilities and inconvenient services have left it of little use.

N Seoul Tower boasts beautiful lighting, to which CJ N City has paid special attention, pouring 10 percent (W1.5 billion) of the project's total budget into their improvement. The colors and patterns of the lighting are varied depending upon seasons, weather conditions, or special events by using up-to-date light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

The lobby in the tower has been equipped with a "Media Zone" in which visitors can view movie previews and recent music videos for free and a space has been set aside for children's hands-on experience and various exhibitions and performances. Visitors with admission tickets (W7,000) for the tower can enjoy themselves in the media zone while waiting for their turn to go up the tower because their boarding time will show up on a notice board in the zone.

The outdoor plaza with its wooden floor presents an open view as good as that seen from the observatory tower. Visitors can enjoy Seoul scenery with fast food and drinks at affordable prices from the glass terrace and roof terrace free of charge. They may also take in one of the regular Friday concerts and weekend film festivals on the multi-stage.

The first and the fifth floors of the observatory tower house Korean and Western food restaurants, which offer a 50 percent discount on the admission ticket for their patrons. The restaurant on the fifth floor, "n.Grill," revolves on a 48 minute cycle, offering a panoramic view of Seoul. The fact that the restaurant is the highest spot in Seoul is also tempting. The observation platforms are on the second and third floors. The digital observatory on the third floor is equipped with four digital telescopes that cost W40 million a piece. The elevator fee is 50 percent-off for the first 20 days following its opening.

A fly in the ointment is its less efficient accessibility since the vehicle regulation in Namsan began in May. However, CJ N City plans to talk with the Seoul City government to shorten the intervals of the loop bus's operation, minimizing inconvenience for visitors.


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