Seoul to offer integrated service for foreigners

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Seoul to offer integrated service for foreigners

Dec 27, 2005

An integrated administrative assistance program for foreigners is to be launched next August, the government said yesterday.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy unveiled the project to establish the integrated program yesterday, aiming to offer more efficient and custom-tailored services to foreign investors.

The ministry said the first phase of the project will be completed eight months later, when a wide range of services from immigration to investment will be provided to aliens online.

With the service launched next year, the government expects foreigners not to need to visit immigration offices for trivial paper works.

It also plans to set up an integrated database covering resident aliens and foreign investors to more efficiently identify them.

"Since the government's current management of foreigners' information lacks consistency due to weak cooperations across the relevant offices, we face substantial administrative setbacks," said the ministry.

"The integrated and standardized database is expected to improve investment environments for foreigners," it added.

In line with the government's blueprint, the ministry is set to be a matchmaker between potential foreign investors and cash-strapped local companies.

Teaming up with investment consultants including the state-run Invest Korea, the ministry said it will step up efforts to promote foreigner's investment by serving custom-made corporate information to potential investors.

The ministry said it also plans to share its integrated database with private sectors next year.


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