Seoul at a Glance

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Seoul at a Glance

East Asia's Business Hub

Seoul, the capital city of Korea, is located in the middle of the Korean Peninsula between China and Japan, the largest consumer markets in Asia. Seoul also provides convenient access to the fast-growing Asian market of 1.8 billion people, via Incheon International Airport.

Seoul at a Glance

Seoul has over 10 million people with strong purchasing power and a high level of income. The Seoul Metropolitan Area, including Gyeonggi Province and Incheon, is a large consumer market with a population of 23 million. Seoul functions as an "industrial incubator", nurturing information technology & financial service industries, and is also the center of banking, securities and insurance for Korea.

Population 10.3 million (21.4%)
GRDP US$ 81.6 billion (21.4%)
Venture companies 4,082 (43.3%)
Corporate tax US$ 9.88 billion (71.5%)
Area 605.6 km2 (0.6%)
College graduate 66,786 (27.3%)
Income tax US$ 6.26 billion (55.9%)
Bank deposits US$ 208.4 billion (55.9%)

* () denotes share of national statistics


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